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Shipping Policies

All orders ship first class or priority (unless they are just actual books, then they might ship media).

$5.99 flat rate shipping U.S.A. and $28.99 international, for each transaction.

No shipping refunds on domestic or international shipping.

For U.S.A., FREE SHIPPING on transactions of 10 items or more. (This discount will be applied as a $5.99 discount on your order.)

For international, a $5.99 discount will be applied as a credit on your order, but you will still pay $28.99 shipping.

For international customers, shipping is hard to calculate. If the shipping cost for your order is more than $28.99, I will cover up to $5.00 more, but you will be responsible to PayPal me the difference before your order ships, OR place another order and I will attempt to combine the order to cover shipping. (I communicate on shipping with my international customers a lot.)

SHIPPING ESTIMATES: I do not control the USPS (I WISH!!!). I am not responsible for delays or lost packages. I try to ship within a week, but that is not always possible. Feel free to communicate with me if you have any concerns or questions.